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Night Light Crystal Lamp Water Ripple Projector

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Daytime Use

When used in a bright environment, it can be used as a delicate tabletop decorative lamp.

Night Time Use

When used in a dimly lit environment, it is a projection lamp that projects water ripples, a dynamic and beautiful light that fills the room with atmosphere.

Dynamic Rotation

Built-in high-speed rotating motor. Let the water ripple flow and bring you a more real and wonderful experience.

Note: Due to the use of high speed motor, there will be a slight motor working sound, which is normal.

Acrylic Crystal Lampshade

No need to worry about the fragility of lampshades.

(Acrylic crystal material is 16 times more impact resistant than traditional glass)

Product parameters:

Material: Acrylic crystal+wood
Power supply: 5V/1A
Power supply mode: plug in
Brightness adjustment: all supported
Optional version:
-Monochrome version (warm light)
-Tri-color version (warm light, white light, neutral light)
-16-color version